Guyana Nature Tour

8 Reasons to Take a Guyana Nature Tour

Find out why YOU should take a Guyana Nature Tour with Naturalist Journeys. One of our favorite trips, Guyana is a country that is off the radar for many travelers, but oh so rich in biodiversity.

Discover “South America’s hidden gem.”

Guyana Nature Tour
Guyana’s Pristine Forests by Peg Abbott
  1. Pristine Forests
    Just picture mile after mile of untouched, dense, and lush forest … Guyana is one of the few places left on earth where you can find such pristine wilderness. The substrate here is the ancient granitic Guianan Shield, which, along with the Brazilian Shield to the south of the Amazon River, forms the primeval geologic heart of South America. Tropical rainforest has been growing here for millions of years, slowly adapting to changing conditions as nutrients leached from the soils.

    Guyana Nature Tour
    Red Howler Monkeys by Howard Topoff
  2. Exceptional Species
    Guyana is home to some truly superb species … think fabulous woodpeckers; cotingas like Pompadour, Purple-breasted, stunning Guianan Cock-of-the-rock, and the fascinating Capuchinbird; Jabiru; Harpy Eagle … the list goes on! Mammals are just as alluring; our eyes are peeled for Tapir, Monk Saki, Red Howler Monkey, and so many more … and of course there’s always the allure of possibly seeing one of the six wild cat species that call Guyana home.

    Guyana Nature Tour
    Naturalist Journeys Group in Guyana with Local Guide, Naturalist Journeys Stock
  3. Great Local Guides
    Our local operator links our groups with some fantastic local guides. They are thoughtful, kind, and proud of their country’s ecological riches … and we can think of no better way to see a country than through the eyes of a local.

    Guyana Nature Tour
    Kaieteur Falls by Narca Moore-Craig
  4. Kaieteur Falls
    This place is just marvelous. Did you know? Kaieteur Falls is a single massive, thundering cascade 100 meters wide, created as the Potaro River and makes a sheer drop of nearly 750 feet. That’s almost five times the height of Niagara Falls. Another highlight of this remote waterfall is that we’re often the only people viewing it. What a way to kick off a trip! We used to offer Kaieteur Falls as an extension to our standard Guyana trip, but the experience is just so special that we now include it in our itinerary.

    Guyana Nature Tour
    Giant Anteater by Peg Abbott
  5. Big Mammals
    You’ll hear the word “giant” a lot when talking about Guyana’s mammals … Giant Otter, Giant Anteater, Giant Armadillo. And these are certainly fun, but let’s not forget big cats (a Jaguar or Cougar if you’re reallylucky!), Tapirs, and Capybara. The mammals here are just fun, and it’s always a real treat when we see one of the “giants!”

    Guyana Nature Tour
    Surama Village by Peg Abbott
  6. True Ecotourism
    Guyana is only recently coming into the realm of ecotourism, but they really seem to be doing it right. Take Surama Eco Lodge, a Makushi village that operates a community-based ecotourism operation. Our groups really enjoy getting to know the villagers, visiting the local school, and learning from the Makushi guides who know just where to find those special species. (Harpy Eagle anyone?) We stay three wonderful nights at Surama, and it is a true immersion into the heart of Guyana.

    Guyana Nature Tour
    The Main Road from Georgetown to Lethem by Peg Abbott
  7. Pioneer Spirit
    We’re not going to pretend that a trip to Guyana is a luxury adventure. The lodges we enjoy are not fancy, but they let you sleep safely and comfortably in truly wild places, deep in the wilderness and surrounded by incredible wildlife.

    Scarlet Ibis can be found in Trinidad birding tours

  8. Trinidad & Tobago – An Easy Extension
    Make the most of your trip by adding on a short (or long!) stay on Trinidad or Tobago. Just a short flight from Georgetown, adding on time on the islands is the perfect way to start or end a trip to Guyana.

To book our March 1 – 8, 2019 Guyana Nature Tour or time on Trinidad & Tobago, please contact Naturalist Journeys at or 866-900-1146.

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